All sold/traded please close

I have some throws up for sale or trade! Preferably only in US. Add $6 for shipping.

Motion Kinetic, MIB Traded

CLYW x Luftverk Plastic Peak, blue and white half swapped, MIB $old

One Drop Fat Tire 20/20, clear w/ clear UL’s, MIB $old

One Drop Rebirth, purple w/ gold splash w/ silver dome UL’s, MIB $old

Goodlife Callisto, clear w/ rainbow rims, mint no box, traded

Feel free to message me offers! Open to making deals!


Bump so someone else buys the one i want lol


Bump, Rebirth and Fat Tire sold!

doing this exact thing, i hate the temptation lol

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It belongs in your collection! Lol

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man i wish, i love good life throws. if the price goes lower i might nab it in a few months but i doubt it :broken_heart:

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I been wanting a callisto myself! Can’t at the moment though.


You need it!


Bumpppppo, Kinetic and Callisto still available.

Bump for the homie

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Really surprised kinetic is still here - get a lot of people asking us to rerun it

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Me and you both! One of my favorite throws, but like you, I’ve put waaaaaay too much money in my truck build lol

Bump, Callisto traded!