All Sold, Please Close

All For sale only. Prices include shipping.

Take the Tako and the 650B for $70 shipped! Will ship out tomorrow.

CoreCo Unknown Tako - 2 little pin prick clusters, smooth, with box - SOLD

CoreCo 650b Bandalores edition - SOLD

SF Cadence AF edition - it vibes and has one little ding - SOLD
YYF Marco - small little ano blemish, smooth, no box - SOLD
YYF Confusion - SOLD
AntiYo Bapezilla - SOLD

Shoot me offers, will give discounts on multiples. More yo-yos on the way soon(ish).



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I knew the Confusion would go quick they’ve been sold out for over a year.

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they’re a fun handy throw to carry around, and will snap like a gator


Cadence and Marco Sold!

CoreCo’s both sold!

Please close