All Done Here

Prices are shipped via domestic USPS only. No trades please. Feel free to ask for more pics.

TMBR/Ed Haponik PockeHt in oak - lightly played, no blemishes - $100 SOLD

Spinworthy Bloodcell in spectraply - The first spectraply Bloodcell that Glen made. An amazing player, no blemishes, light patina - $90 KEEPING

Just to spice things up, I’ll add this MCMO, rarely thrown, NMTBS, for $100 as well KEEPING


PockeHt is mine :slight_smile:


Lol I’m glad u are buying it I was so tempted

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The Bloodcell is equally as awesome in my opinion. Just putting that out there…

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If it wasn’t for the fact I have one I would be thinking about it as well

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Been wanting one ever since the drop that I missed, it looks like such a great yoyo.

Either way, the Bloodcell is an incredible yoyo as well. I got 2 of them (one of them the spectra) and this thing is the real deal. Currently my 2nd favorite fixie (first is the KNack also by Spinworthy).


Yeah the KNack is really great. It’s a keeper for sure. The Bloodcell is just as good feels really comfortable in the hand

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