Alexis JV: Orbitron 5OOO


A new video I made featuring the SPYY Orbitron 5OOO!
Hope you will enjoy watching it! :slight_smile:

Thanks for watching! :wink:

(Jerrod) #2



Thanks a lot and I love that part too! :slight_smile: I was testing some video editing tricks




Awesome. Just Awesome.


“Yes I can throw a breakaway”
Made my day.


Yeah I kind of hate it when people ask if I can throw a breakaway lol. I can almost do all of my tricks with breakaways it’s just that I’m more comfortable with front throws.

:slight_smile: Thanks everyone for the kind comments and I’ll try to do more videos similar to this one in the future since they only take around 2 days to make.

(Khent G) #8

Are you going to MA States again this year?


I really just can’t stop watching this. I’ve probably watched 15 times by now, and I’m not getting bored of it all! It’s just so good!


Thanks again everybody! :slight_smile:
I’m pretty busy with college right now so I guess I won’t
go to MA states this year, but I’ll try to make it next year!


Awesome video!

Love all your tutorials too.