Alabama vs. Auburn

Did anybody watch the game last night? It was epic. Unfortunately, I was rooting for Alabama. The last play killed me to watch. As soon as Auburn #11 caught it, I knew he was gone.

As for the earlier parts of the game, Alabama dominated in my mind. If Cade Foster had put away those three field goals, the game would have been theirs.

When they tacked on that last second, I would have either thrown a Hail Mary for the win, or take over time and take a knee. What would you have done?

I caught the very end of it, and it was awesome!

What a great game!! Especially for Auburn!

I stopped watching when 'Bama was up by like two touchdowns, but glad I caught the end!

Auburn winning by luck since three weeks ago. Honestly though. I guarantee everyone in auburn are diehard Michigan State fans right now. I seriously want them (Michigan state) to win. Honestly Michigan should have won. Well anyways Go Dawgs and Go SEC!

Man that was crazy. Gotta go make fun of all my friends who support Alabama lol.

Am I the only Tide fan here?

I do not follow college football, but everybody went crazy over it :o and it was a good touchdown

We turned it on right after he scored the final touchdown. It was pretty crazy, though for some reason my brother was super confused about what happened, even after me, my mom, the announcer, and 5 different replays explained it to him.

No you are not. Lol it was heartbreaking, but Auburn deserved it. It is hard to win when you miss four field goals. XD

Oh, good. I agree though, Auburn did an amazing job. It was a very good and well-thought-out by the returner touchdown.

Alabama had no athletes on the field. Just line men and the kicker.

You saying that AJ Mccarron isn’t an athlete? Or TJ Yeldon? Or Amari Cooper? C’mon man.

Saying that Alabama has no athletes is a lie. Alabama is still the best team in college football.

They had no athletes on the kick play other than the Punter, Griffin, and the other guy (I think #28). Other than those, just linebackers.

Ok yeah on the kick return…I wasn’t sure what he was talking about. But Vogler was the one that busted that return. He was supposed to cut the returner off, but he didn’t, allowing the returner to get the edge and go all the way.

YES, Vogler was the name I was thinking of (the #28 guy). He certainly got a hand on him but he got hit right before making it harder.

I imagine if somebody posts a YouTube video of it, it may be easier for anybody who has no idea how it ended, to see what exactly happened. So, please post a video somebody. I am not allowed to go onto YouTube unless I am watching yoyo related stuff ( :’()

Vogler’s job was to cut off that guy to bring him back into the middle of the field. If he had done so, the game would’ve gone to overtime. But he was half a second late. I don’t really see the point of posting a video…people who cared about the game would have seen what happened, and everyone else doesn’t care…

But I would like to analyze it again.

I’ll see if I can find one.

It is painful to watch, but here it is. In the video, you could see Vogler (#84?) hesitate a split second, and was only able to get a hand on him. He also took a terrible angle. As many other Tide players did on that play…