Airwave offstring yoyo by YoYoFactory


YoYoFactory introduces the Airwave elevating the modern offstring yoyo to the next level. When YoYoFactory first introduced the original FLIGHT everyone took notice and it continues to be the crowd favorite. It still is one of the most affordable all around offstring yoyos but YoYoFactory knew they could keep improving. With Airwave YoYoFactory has taken everything they learned with the Flight and pushed the limits with design. The Airwave makes it possible for the modern player to push the envelope on and off the stage.


Right away Airwave is just visually striking with three iconic grooved rings to maximize inner rim weight creating real power and stability. From your first throw you can feel the momentum and control. Despite its ‘wider’ size you could argue it feels more nimble thanks to its unique weight placement. It can move with ease and it grabs the string for regens and binds at just the right times.


Airwave is the perfect companion to your offstring journey. Grinds, whips, regenerations, speed combos, soloham, and the list of possibilities goes on. With the Airwave in hand we can safely say there has never been a better time to learn offstring! The power and play is real and we can’t put this down! Be sure to check out our offstring tutorial section and get prepared to learn like never before!


I wish more 4a yo-yos would talk about durability as a feature…


Is the orange the only one with the Basecamp hub/sticker?

They almost look like heat sensitive stickers…like mood rings! Like if you press your finger down on it for a bit, the heat would reveal the word ‘Basecamp’.


Yeah. They are metal hubs actually with an engraving. Orange features BASECAMP. :ok_hand:


Thanks :slight_smile:
I’m kinda sad they’re not mood detecting stickers now though! haha

It’s possible

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lol neat…
But I’m afraid my sticker would be permanently black! :frowning: :stuck_out_tongue:

How do inner ring grooves improve stability and spin power (over a smooth, flat inner cup)?

Just weight, I think. More material == more weight.

But when it comes to yoyos, I thought that weight placement (distribution) was the critical factor, and that simply having more weight doesn’t necessarily mean a yoyo will be more stable. It is not uncommon for very light V-shaped bi-metals to have far greater stability than, say, center-weighted organics that weigh 5g more.

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The closer you can push weight to the edge generally speaking the more stability. You also have to be careful in terms of offstring about where you put the weight as it affects bounce/flex, durability, etc. The inner ring grooves I think are very well placed in that they really give it strong power - but still plays nimble, etc. Offstring yoyos in general being larger and heavier should be more stable by default - so it gives some play in terms of where the weight goes - so when talking about added stability it was more of a direct reference to Flight which has the one grooved ring, etc.

Specifically on this design, we started with an 8mm axle, 60601 hubs and aluminum spacers. By the time we got to release we used a 14-16mm axle, 7075 hub and stainless steel spacers. Durability is a major concern BUT we need to be careful NOT to say that the yoyo that people deliberately beat into the ground repeatedly will last forever. We can do things to a point but we also need to it to be respected that we do have a focus on performance.

Built Tough, but for performance.

Our final element on this is price. We don’t sponsor an offspring team. We just try to make our offspring product affordable respecting the fact players will need multiples and that constant beatings will cause you to need to buy more eventually.


Love the Airwave!


Sounds awesome to me sir!! Make sure that is in the specs or description so people know! Cheers🍻

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This is a fantastic autocorrect :grinning:


yep this is a great looking offspring yoyo lol :joy:

Try our Yo-Yo Factory offspring yo-yos! Come Out and Play™

I’ll add it. :wink: