Airtight Bearing?


I was wondering if it was possible to have a bearing, where the shields created an airtight seal. Then, nothing could get get in or out of the bearing. So you would never have to do any maintenance at all, because nothing would be able to get in the bearing. I think this would be great for people starting yoyoing. And if it was treated with a permanent lube, like Terrapin DryLube before it was sealed, it wouldn’t have to be lubricated again. This would prevent many problems.


Now that, would be amazing!


I’d buy one.


I’m sure most people would, but the price may be triple-quadruple of a standard YYE bearing. But if people really don’t want to clean/lube their bearings, they’d pay that much.


I guess beyond buying one, the question would be, would I buy more? I like the sound (or lack thereof) of a lubed bearing. The characteristics of a liquid lube will still change over time in a sealed bearing, no matter what.

Another intriguing idea are “snap-fit” shields of some sort. Impossible for stuff to get in? Maybe not. But super hard for debris of any significant size to get in. I’d go for every-six-months or every-year-maintenance.


That’s why I recommended Terrapin X DryLube, it doesn’t need to be relubricated unless the current lubrication is washed out with a solvent. Maintenance wouldn’t be never, but definitely less than you normally would.


Ooh, so you know how Twisted Strings made the Trifecta bearing, which combined three of the most popular bearing features? NOW somebody has to make a curved (or concave, whatever you prefer to say), grooved, 10-ball, airtight, ceramic bearing.

IT WILL BE THE BEST (and probably most expensive) BEARING EVER!!!


That would be an awesome bearing. Add a groove to it too!


The problem with this idea is that I believe certain types of debris are actually created in the bearing itself as a product of wear… Having it all sealed up would not allow this debris to be cleansed from it.

There already are sealed bearings produced, I’m not sure if they are of the size for YoYo’s, or if they are “Air Tight”, but I know they exist. When they wear out you just simply replace them.


This may be true. Definitely true of ceramic/steel bearings. Not sure about straight-up steel, but it seems plausible.


I never thought about that. It would be cool if the type of bearing you mentioned was available in yoyo sizes.


Yupp. Lots of generic skate bearings are sealed. Definitely not air tight, but sealed nonetheless.


Do you know if they make one with the same dimensions of a c sized bearing?


Would any sort of physics interfere with this plan?


To be sealed air tight it would need something solid from the top ring to the middle one. Which would turn it into a fixed axle or you could use some sort of rubber seals or something but that would do about the same thing. Maybe there is something else you could do but I can’t think of it…


Actually they make sealed bearings but you wouldn’t be happy with the performance. To make the seal, the shield is in contact with the inner race, thus creating friction that keeps the bearing from spinning freely. You need that small air gap between the inner race and the shield for a free spinning bearing like we all cherish so much.

Shielded Bearings Vs Sealed Ball Bearings


Yep! They use them all the time in Automotive industry, where a bearing might be exposed to water, and or to hold the grease in when spinning at high speeds.

Like JHB says though, theres quite a bit of friction. Ill stick to my normal shielded stainless bearings please :slight_smile:


ya what he said. i cant explain what i mean very well


That all just sounds like an engineering problem to be solved! :wink:


Nobody’s going to solve it just for the yoyo industry, that’s for sure.


There are some, like Abec7s that are completely sealed with 2 shields on each side, a dust shield, and then a rubber shield that keeps water and stiff from getting in. They are very hard to clean though, trying to get off all those shields.