Addiction or Ronin??


I am TORN!


Oh man, they’re both wonderful. Addiction is more organic, curvy, smooth, feels perfect in your hand. Ronin is extremely unique and plays like nothing else I’ve ever played. If you’re in the mood for unique I say Ronin. If you’re in the mood for something you’ll definitely love I say Addiction.


I am dying inside,…


The addiction is nice. very nice actually, one of my all time favorites. I doubt you would EVER find a smoother yoyo. Very floaty as well. I didn’t like the Ronin very much, but that is mostly caused by the shape of yoyo, it didn’t work for me.

The safe bet is the Addiction, as it is a normal yoyo for people to like. The Ronin, i suggest playing before getting, just to be sure you like it.


How is the el ranchero?


To tell ya the truth, i haven’t played it. Its gotten rave reviews though.


Reviews where? i can’t find one anywhere!


What kind of yoyos do you prefer/like? What’s your favorite throw now? What does a friend have that you loved? These three yoyos are all too different from each other for us to totally recommend just one to you.

Since you brought up the El Ranchero, it is my favorite of the three. I love SPYY, I have almost all of their throws, and the El Ranchero is a power house. I usually prefer more organic/curved yoyos, like the Addiction, but when I picked up an El Ranchero at the YYE booth at Worlds I had to have it. It’s a SPYY so it was already crazy smooth, then I threw a 10ball in and I’ve never looked back. It’s stable, it spins for years, it can combo through any and everything. You cannot possibly get too many string wraps going around this thing because it completely doesn’t care. It weighs in a little on the heavier side at 68 grams but it doesn’t feel beastly. There are times when I can definitely feel a “thud” on the end of my string but it’s kind of comforting. I have been throwing mine with Toxic Dragon String and the combination is extremely hard for me to put down. Like I said, I really generally prefer more organic shapes like the Addiction or Dynamo. But the EL Rnachero came out of the blue and threw me for a loop so to speak and is easily my most played SPYY yoyo and possibly my favorite SPYY yoyo.

Of the three you mention, my preference would be El Ranchero, Addiction, Ronin. But look at the shapes and weights and go with what you feel most comfortable with. You cannot go wrong with the Addiction or El Ranchero. If you want something interesting and unique buy a Ronin.


That is EXACTLY what I wanted. Wow, thank you so much!
I am into rounded butterfly shapes, like in the bapezilla. I am also ONLY into full sized throws, but was hoping a mid sized throw like the addiction may change my preference. This will be my FIRST triple digit yoyo, and I want it to be memorable. I like the heavy class, and a yoyo that flows with me, that is not too fast, or really fast at all. Maybe I will just get both the addiction and the ranchero, but I was saving the rest of my pocket change for the Capless…


If you have enough money for two I’d almost tell you to get an El Ranchero and a Capless. I don’t have a Capless, but again I played one at Worlds and it was very nice. It’s curve is mildly similar to the Addiction’s. It may give you an idea of what an Addiction may play like.

The other thing to consider is that, while it’s very nice to get a brand new throw, Addictions have been out for a little bit now and you can likely find one on B/S/T and/or eBay for a very good deal. The El Ranchero is still so new you’re likely only going to find one here.

I know you posted that you had your heart set on an Addiction (or so you thought) and I whole-heatedly understand why. You will love whatever you get. Congrats on your first triple digit throw(s)!


I decided to get these-
El Ranchero
Spyy Addiction
It is a high cost, but it may be worth it…


You’ll have a ton of fun and I think/hope you’ll be pleased!