Added 25 yoyos from various brands for sale

RSO - Rose gold Mechabape 800$
SPYY - Supra
SPYY - Pure - Gold or XO edition
A-rt - Diptych
Nickel 54
Yoyofriends Dove - White only or if anyone wants to do a half swap with my pink one that works too.

For trade/sale

Middle row: 000 - 325$, AMS Tundra, Green Tundra a-grade
Bottom row: Fake Mustang 300$, Dazzler 500$, GBP

Stuff for sale!!! All NMTBS unless stated otherwise. All prices include shipping and G&S fee.
I’ve got the boxes for most of these - 10% off any 3+ yoyos

OG Batsquatch - One tiny scuff shown in pic. 110$

28s Akita - mint - 130$

Wildfire B-grade - mint - B-grade for ano issues which can be seen in pic. 70$

BvM first run - mint - 170$

Casefiles are sold
G2 GBP Frieza - mint - 100$

Markmont Classic - little ding and some scuffs - 90$

Panorama - mint - 100$

Copper deep state - one chip/ding area shown in pic - 150$

Vtwo - mint - limited color way - 150$

Skyline - real old but surprisingly fun - lots of little scuffs but nothing bad. Nearly dead smooth. - 50$

Good life gulch - pretty beat and has some vibe. I bought it for 30$ and the guy was not keeping it real about the condition of it. - 20$

CLYW Orca - Raw - lots of raw marks. I think this was originally anodized then someone polished it to remove some damage. I overpaid for it at 150$ I’ll ask 120$ for it. Plays near dead smooth

Euphonious - mint - 50$ - very solid undersized SS throw. Great pocket throw super fun.

Dif-e-yo Juggernaut - mint - 90$

UPRLD abduction - raw marks - 30$

Ohyesyo Lust - has one spot where it looks like it rubbed on carpet or something. Some vibe. 90$

Anglam - 135$ - Has plenty of little marks but nothing too brutal

YYR Start the Riot - Mint - From the mystery box deal - 70$

Unspoken Murmur - Has some scuffs. 35$

PDX swamp monster- has a great finish - 65$

YYR TM - Mint - 30$

Smashing Kubrick prototype - 80$ mint

Koi boi - 35$ mint

Amplified Return Tops - Woofa. 25$*


want that tennis peon :c

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Saturday market?

Wow wow wow, some really great stuff in there




Buncha stuff going out today. The rest will be shipped tomorrow, had to pick up some more boxes!


What’s left?

Post has been updated to reflect what is still available

Sent a DM!

Updated thread. Cut prices

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How to pm?
Interested in 2sickyoyos

bump for the lads