Acoustic Bass suggestions

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So, I’ve been playing guitar for a while now, and am thinking of possibly doing some bass on the side. I know we have a lot of bass players on the forum so I thought it might be a good place to ask. I’m looking for something $200-. I know that limits the options quite a bit but I don’t need something amazing. Any suggestions would be great.


I know you can get the Dean EAB for less than $200, and it comes with a pick-up in it. They sound…OK. Since you’re a guitar player, you know what to expect in that price range.


This is what I have, they’re ok, I’m not a really serious player or anything, though.

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I saw that one. I looks ok. What do you guys think about this one


I’ve played that and for its price range its got a nice sound. If your getting it just to mess around, then ether the Dean or Ibanez are great for the “not to serious” player


Where is elephark when you need him?