A turning point in yoyo history

Befire stating the question I’d love to say the pun is shamelessly intended lol
So yeah, not much I can really add here since the question speaks for itself, to you what have been some of the most ground-breaking moments in yoyo history and how do you think it affected yoyoing as a whole?, be it a really innovative freestyle, yoyo design or change to the judging system.
Once again, thanks for taking the time to read this questions, hope to see you soon Collin!

Great question!

Here’s a few…
Moving worlds out of Orlando
IYYF judging system becoming much more defined in 2014
Gentry’s winning worlds 2014 - established the benchmark for great choreography in routines in this modern era
Introduction of bimetals - although bimetals have not been used to win worlds often, they certainly introduced a new level of performance in yo-yo design

Thanks for the awesome question!


Gotta say the switch to unresponsive wide bearings (as manifested at Worlds) was maybe the biggest thing? What year was that, anyone know?

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2003 Johnnie Delvalle. I don’t think unresponsive was completely the meta that year but it definitely was after