A trick that i love from a guy...

a guy named write. yes Guy Wright. to topic:
have you seen the trick where he is in something that looks like it will be a knot and then he grinds and does a grind hop and swings the string under the yoyo so there is no more knot and then from the grind does a ninja vanish?!?!?! favorite trick ever.

i got the ninja vanish part from a grind but i don’t have the first part. anyone know how? any tuts?

here is a video:

at around 1 min.

Videos will help us explain, otherwise your post is just a bunch of “then he does x then he does y”, so could you like to a video please?

As a fan of guy wright I know exactly what you are talking about. As a matter of fact that particu,ar trick your looking for can be found on this here site if I’m not mistaken. Its name you ask? Gring thru triangle, fun and simple. Haha wait until you try and do his second or third trick in his catch 22 vid. Guarantee you will be sitting there for a good while.

Good luck! :slight_smile:

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saw the vid… twitch twitch…

ok i saw that vid before, but i am not asking for any of those tricks because… well i sort of gave up. at least until i improve. thanks though

i want to know how to do the trick at 30 seconds