A Style All It's Own (5A MAY) on yoyofactory.com



I was sitting there listening and I was like… “No way… It can’t be! No one listens to him anymore!” Then I heard the scratches and I was just blown away that people still dig Shing02!

Awesome vid, loved the highlighting of the die and the greyscale.

Only problem is, some times the yoyo went out of camera view and I couldn’t tell what you were doing…

Did I mention I freaking love Shing02 and all of the Luv Sic songs?

Have you heard the other parts and the Jeff the Beatbox Prince remix of pt 3?

Shing02 Is Amazing.
R.I.P Nujabes.

Good Vid tho.

Nice effects and awesome video. :smiley:

so good. i love your 5a.