A poem, about the CODE1...

So I got up and took my yoyo
So bold and so cunning
I gave it a Throw
with a move so quite stunning

I used my Code 1
my favorite throw
too bad everyone has it
That’s why I will go.

I throw at school
I throw at home
I throw everywhere
I use Aluminum Domes

But when it’s time to put it down
I never Stop this motion all around
And when it’s time I go to sleep
My Code 1 is near me
My throw to keep

This was poem written by a friend of mine. I think he did great!

-Jad G.

Haha, that’s cool. For an assignment at school?

Nah, I don’t think so. He gets bored really easily. :wink:

OD hasnt been my favorite lately. I havent tried a C1 yet though.

its almost a sonnet. i wrote a sonnet for a school project about my G5 if only i could find it.