A For Fun YoYo Video


Tell Me What U Think It Was Just For Fun Not A Serious Video  :wink:

Nice man. That was really good

Thanks Man :smiley:

Dude, that was awesome! You have really fresh concepts in there! I really like your style. :smiley:

Hahaha Thanks A Lot Man U Made My Day :smiley:

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dang! wish i could get that good! lol…what yoyo r you using?? SWEET VID:)

Thanks Man Uhmm I Am Using An Auldey Fire Diamond (Xodus II Bootleg)

You’re definitly rocking that bootleg…

HAHAHA Thank You :smiley:

cool! I thought it looked like it was an xodus II…lol,hows the sleep time on it?

how can you do those tricks on a exodus 2 bootleg?

Yeah Its A Knock Off Of It :smiley: Its Good Can Handel A 35 Second Combo But I Think It Will Sleep More With A Cleaned Bearing :wink: I have in My BST

I Donno Its The Best yoyo i own so i gotta learn on it :slight_smile:


That was a Sweet Video Man!
I have a XodusII, but mine is, hmm… shal’ I say it?..

HAHAHA Thanks Man :smiley:

Need More Opinions :wink:

hey man your lucky cos i hardly eva get people givin there opinions on my vids.
nice vid though

Hahaha Thank U Man :wink: :slight_smile: