A few nice throws for sale or trade

Got a few throws that are being neglected and would love to trade on stuff i dont have or havent thrown… not real sure on the value of these so bear with me…
G2 reaper, a grade mwb $110
G2 Pac fade arbiter, 2 marks, some vibe but plays great. Has box and stuff$80
G2 Purple elite 2018, tiny nail vibe, plays great $100 has box and stuff
G2 GBP. Mib, $80
G2 banshee b18 mib hardly played 90$ box and stuff
RTT puff adder no marks, plays great $40
RTT puff adder, no marks, plays great $40
RTT death adder, no marks with box $50. Can send more pics and or vids of specific throws if u want🤙🏻Add 5 for the ride unless u want multiple, conus only, pp f&f preferred or cover fees plz… im good listed and ship fast… Any refs feel free to comment on my shady arse😂

Basilisk exia valhalla hawk tishee mk1

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