A different way to shoot a vid...

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Found this when I was watching Mind Blow on Vsauce2 (youtube) :P. Anyways, the video is called STEADYo; where the makers of the clip used motion tracking to centre on the yoyo adn track its movements while recording. I don’t know if its hardware or software based but I thought it was too awesome not to share. :smiley:

(Khent G) #2

That is crazzy


MIND BLOWN!!! That was super epic


so awesome!




I have a new favorite yoyo video. Can anyone tell me what Vsauce vid this is from?


Wicked. Reminds me of a scene from the 2nd Sherlock Holmes movie. There is a chase scene through a forest where the camera tracks the movements of a man’s head. His head stays perfectly in the middle of the frame while its bobbing as he runs.

Around 2:53 in this clip.


Wow, someone put a lot of effort into that! It looks awesome!


I think that was done by Gavin Free. He’s a cool dude.


If you have adobe after effects this can be done. Not likely that it is hardware based.


I believe that this was originally going to be entered into the Dark video contest that YYE was holding, but i didn’t get finished in time. This would have one by FAR, beating all the vids, winners included.


Ok that was like WAY too cool.


… Official… Hahaa made my night! like dude said, mind blown XD

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