a challenge for a modder and a question


my question is is there a structural efficient way of having a 4a yo-yo spin top hybrid and if someone was to conceive a way of doing it can they make a yo-yo/spin top that can function as both and still be symmetric that’s the challenge just seeing sadly i cant invest in to it just a challenge to test modding skills if possible but if its conceivable its possible


Not exactly a 4a yoyo, but you get the point


i have seen it before but thats why is said 4a and symetrical kinda like if you take the caps off a hayabusa and glue spikes on thepart that sticks out (dont know the name)

(WildCat23) #4

Get yoyospirit to make you a Reeeeaaaaaly long spiked axle.


I mean like installing the tip of a high quality spintop like strummol8 i only have limited mind in modding http://shop.yoyoexpert.com/product/374/Strummol8-Replacement-Spin-Top-Tips


You have peaked my intrest ;D


Something like that is pretty easy to a modder lol.




I havent realy interacted with any moddersso i wouldnt know lol


Go with yoyo spirit he is amazing at modding