A big congrats to the newest thing manufactured by Chris Mikulin of CLYW...


His daughter!!!


Congrats Chris!

So excited for you!!!



Give her a Chief!!


Cross section?

We need more info.



(Jerrod) #5



Release date??!?!?!?!


(Owen) #7

You have a name for her yet?

best wishes to you Chris!



What was the collab? Also, how does it play?


Her beautiful name is,

Marin Virginia Anne Mikulin. :slight_smile:


I’ve heard that sometimes these models require some break in time before you get the sleep times down decently. Lots of late nights can be spent before consistently getting your routine developed the way you like it. And the maintenance on these models! Whew-wee! You’ll find you will constantly be needing to take things apart to adequately clean and lubricate properly. If you don’t the ano can break down and get red and rough. They can be noisy at times, that’s very common.

However no one has ever been known to be dissatisfied or ever wish to make a return or exchange.


Are we talking about a Yoyo or a baby? I’m confused… Oh wait no I’m still confused but congratulations I think not sure… Yeah still not sure


What do you mean? :wink:


I don’t know what there talking about!


Jokes. ^^


Congratulations! When do we get to see photos of your beautiful baby girl?



??? I don’t get the joke


We’re joking about that it’s a knew yoyo. :wink:

Not a baby, but it is a baby.



Oh a baby! I think this song Is needed
I think a song is needed
Note I am not a fan of this dude it just fits whats going on
There’s a baby baby ohhhh


Oh no…

Just no.


runs and hides under a rock