9 throws for sale (CLYW, Vs NYYC, OD, STYY, more...)

Alright. I’m drastically reducing my collection. So let’s start with these.

1st Row(CLYW) :Avalanche, Puffin V1(Iron man? Yoga flame?), Arctic Circle v1(Blizzard), Chief (confetti?)

2nd Row:OD Cascade (YYE edition), OD 2013 Benchmark H, Gen Yo Hattrick(all black) SOLD, Vs NYYC OG Skywalker (has some dings, still smooth like buttah)

3rd Row: STYY Lotus, Werrd Pacquiao, YYF Avant Garde 2, YYF 07 888 (all red, 1 of 30ish, not cherry ed)

Most yoyos are unblemished, but have been thrown. No boxes.

EDIT: Hey, if you ask me for a price, and I say something that sounds too high, barter with me!
Most things in life are negotiable. If you want to cut through the BS, make an offer! Worst I can do is say no.

Also, the only trades I’d consider are for an OD m1 or a BBYY wedgie (only the production run!). Don’t really care about anything else.