5a website?

im about to start 5a and want a site that teaches better than andre does so could someone suggest one to me?

well, yoyofactory.com is hosting 5a may and they have tutorials every day, you could scroll down the news were the tutorials are and learn them. Does this help at all?

Yup, yoyofactory.com is a good suggestion. But if you have the stuff down that Ándre shows and all the stuff that Miggy shows, you should be able to make up your own trick. Just do a mount, then maybe start a trick you know, mess up, and be able to consistently repeat what your mess up was and you have a trick. Now, I’m not saying the trick will be good, but that’s the basic concept. Just mess around a little.

Also, if you just watch some 5a videos, you should be able to pick up some of the stuff a few guys are doing. I recommend the youtube channel 5aGOAT (Greatest of All Time). It’s mostly JonRob, and it’s pretty easy to pick up what he’s doing. Also, just watch videos people make and videos of 5a freestyles.

Here’s a video of mine (Me, DYonch, and Jared) that has a lot of 5a, check it out, maybe you’ll get some inspiration!