$55 Bundle deal!


[s]G2 Hulkblood Triton, Onedrop Chik, YoyoFormula Yoyo (Images below)

Selling off my unused yoyos for a new phone, all of them for $50 + shipping:

G2 Hulkblood Trton ($40 by itself*) - Ano flaws (Possible b-grade, got it in a secret Santa), 2 flatspots and a ding (2mm) - Plays great, good carry yoyo, smooth (No visible vibe, very very little feel able)

Onedrop Chik ($15 by itself*) - Polished, mint before doing that. I’d clean it up some more if anybody was interseted - Some vibe

Yoyo Formula yoyo ($5 by itself*) - Mint or near mint, plays solid. Some vibe, but that’s to be expected from a $10 yoyo. If you want another for a cheap 3a pair, I can do that too.

All yoyos for $50 + shipping
[/s] Sold



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