$50, $60, $70 shipped sale!!! YYF, SPYY, YYJ, OFFER UP!!!

ONLY looking for MONEY!!! All prices include shipping to Continental USA, international you pay for shipping of your choice. For faster response email offers to skidot@gmail.com as I am posting on other forums as well.

I decided to stop collecting so all these throws can be sold, however if I don’t receive respectful offers I will gladly keep them.

Thanks for your interest.

SPYY Sky Chaser Half orange/yellow, “D” size, very rare! $70

SPYY Radian MKII, come cw marks, smooth $50

YYF Blue Camo Superstar $70

SPYY PIstolero, silver SOLD
YYF Yuuksta SOLD
ILYY Torino $60 SOLD
G2 Albotross $70 SOLD
YYF Sterling Quinn Edition Genisis, 5a scuffs on rims SOLD
SPYY Addition purple TRADED
YYF Supernova Lite $50 SOLD
YYJ Destiny, 5a scuffs on rims $30 SOLD
DD44 Big Brother Bully, ONLY for Ditch Down Crew members!!! SOLD!
SPYY Addiction SOLD
WYYC 2009 SPYY Spyder $50 SOLD
SPYY Punchlinve v.1 SOLD
SPYY Sky Chaser Orange “C” size. SOLD
SPYY Spyder v.2 $70 SOLD
SPYY Speed Freak $60 SOLD
Save Deth Spyy Trainreck V.1 $60 SOLD

SPYY Radian v.2 $70 SOLD
Half Gold/ Half Purple Supra $60 SOLD
SPYY Addict v.1 green Beadblasted edition $60 SOLD
SPYY Solaris $70 SOLD
First run YYF Rockstar $70 SOLD
SPYY Addict v.1 Red $50 SOLD

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what is the red one next to the TMBR?

Is that yoyorecreation clash?

Is the supra mint?

bump updated pics of what is left.

bump, clash and black pistol pending

pm sent. albatross

Quit bumping me!

Quit bumping me!


damn that spyder looked delicious!!

Do you still have the SuperNova Lite?

Solaris arrived safely in the UK. What a great throw! These are really underrated!! Thanks Skidot, real pleasure trading with you!

bump for the snow!

bump, rockstar gone!