4A Madness YoYo Contest

Hey everyone!
My name is Frank from 4A Madness. We are hosting a Free (that’s right free) yoyo contest for 4A players only. The contest page is on Instagram at 4a_madness. There is a pro and novice league so anyone can join. We already have some really tough competition in our pro league including Zac Rubino, CSW, Gunju Eom, and Christopher Chunn just to name a few.There are prizes given away to the top three finishers in each league. Not only is this contest a lot of fun, but there is even going to be a fundraiser for the Crisis Text Line from our contest shirts later throughout the contest. Feel free to mention anyone on this post and comment below for any questions. Theres a wild card bracket contest currently going on the Instagram page so feel free to vote for your favorite routine. Thanks for your interest!
Registration link:4A MADNESS


Wanted to mention the quarter finalist have just been released on the Instagram page for the 4A mini madness contest. Check out these awesome wildcards @4a_madness on Instagram

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Check out our winner for the 4A Mini Madness Contest on Instagram