404Yo - New Italian Brand

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some video:

xmas video:
404Yo - Home Alone (Xmas time)

my last video:

404Yo - Roomtrick 2

old video:

Andrea “IcedZed” Franzoni for 404YO - Rorschach

other player video:

Danny Martucci for 404YO - Rorschach

Federico Zermian for 404YO - Rorschach

Looks awesome!!
Loved the tricks in the first video!!

I gotta say, I love that logo. The yoyoing is great too, but the logo really stands out.
any idea when we might be seeing some yoyos for sale? I saw the protos on the fb page, look pretty good.

Error: yoyo brand not found.

we don’t have a yoyo club becouse we live in italy, we have the italian association (ASYY) and we make meeting with it, btw, for the yoyo, we think in a few month or less we make the first run, only 30, after we make other yoyo, we already have the project

Meant to say brand.

yes xD we spend so much time for find a good name for our brand, with bad results, so we chose this one :stuck_out_tongue:

Lol. Nice choice. Now you’re the dreaded 404 error of the Yoyo world, bringing destruction to competitions.