3yo3 Duncan Butterfly Mod - YoYoSkills.com Review

Nostalgia is one of my favorite feelings. It has a “Yeah, that’s how it should be.” attitude to it an always puts me at ease. I love the new Mustangs and Chargers because they are modeled after the old ones. I love Indiana Jones movies because they are modeled after the old western serials. I love Video Game remakes made in the spirit of the original like the New Super Mario Bros. And I love classic yo-yos like the 70’s Duncan Butterfly. White, red, and orange, with gold filled etching… ahhhhh what a look. You might as well toss me a bottle of Coke, hop in the back of my 77 El Camino, and sneak into the Drive-In-Movies with me. I expressed my love of nostalgia with 3yo3’s Landon Balk, and he clued me into a secret project of his. 1970’s Duncan Butterfly, modified to take a bearing and flowable silicone. For a week, I was perched on my mailbox like an eagle ready to swoop down and grab a river bass. I was excited. I was going to get to review a modernized classic, the 3yo3’s Bearing(ized) classic Genuine Duncan Butterfly.
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