3 yoyos $120 YYF 2.0, 888, YYJ eneme

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I’m selling 3 yoyos today $120 takes all 3. One is a nice YYF 2.0 it has some 3A wear on it from the previous owner. YYJ eneme no marks or wear on this one. YYF 888 this one is pretty beat has a lot of marks on the outside and anno wear no hubstacks, will include the nubs though.
The only trade I’ll take is vape stuff and cash. PayPal works for me I’ll eat fees and shipping.
As far as vape stuff I’m looking into mechanical mods so I need a decent mod, batteries, charger, RDA. Thanks guys. I’ll get better pics for serious buyers.

YYF 2.0 - $65
YYF 888 - $25
YYJ eneme - $45
All 3 for $120



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If you don’t like my prices offer up!

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Offer up guys.

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