3 New Tricks from Ireland

Hello all.

This is my first post. I’m from Ireland and i’m one of only 3 players i know of in all of Ireland.

It sucks, especially because there’s no one to really trade tricks with.

Anyway, here are 3 tricks i’ve never seen before. They could already exist.
If they do, let me know, if not, and you like em, i could maybe do a tut for them.

tell me what you think.


1: Extreme Kwijibo

2: Hole ‘N’ One

3: Happy Cookie

I really enjoyed those!! Good style. I’d only like to suggest, when you make more, to sort of vary up the elements that you use. Eventually, it’ll all start to look the same. I know you have the skill to put some really cool stuff there :slight_smile:

Welcome to YoyoExpert!

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aww thanks man!

and yeah, i agree, the happy cookie and extreme kwijibo use a lot of the same moves i can even combine if i like. but just some tricks i came up with. so i thought i’d post.

But dont worry, i’ve a lot more up my sleeve :wink: i’m working on a weird trick using the wrist mount, when i’ve finished i’ll post it :slight_smile:

hey nice yoyoing :smiley:
could you do a tut for the 1st and 2 vid they aee really kool looking xD

sure can! gimme a day or so and i’ll stick em up! :smiley:


how about a happy tut for happy cookie?

Sure why not :slight_smile:

hey thanks 2 thumbs up :smiley:

Cool tricks 8)

really nice flow… and try making a tech trick… combine that flow with the tech trick and man that would be amazing.

thanks guys!

The tuts are rendering as i post this! will be up real soon!

and yeah, aldo, i agree!
I have a tech trick in the works, it’s almost done, i just need to make it consistent, Then i’ll post it up :slight_smile:

Cool i liked the Extreme Kwijibo, cant wait for the tutorials.


hey guys, sorry this is taking so long, i dont have a very fast internet connection and uploading the videos is taking forever… i tried to do that all at once last night and two of them failed… but i got one for now :slight_smile: so i’ll give ya’s that!

This is the tutorial for the YoYo trick “Hole N’ One”
This is one of my first tutorials so the camera is pointing a little low… but it’s not too bad…
Hope it helps :slight_smile: and if you’ve any questions, feel free to ask :slight_smile:

Here’s the second tut, these things are taking forever to upload, i think from now on i’ll only do one at a time… haha!

This is the tut for “Extreme Kwijibo”

Hope you like it! oh! and dont forget to watch in HD! :slight_smile:

awsome thanks for the tuts :smiley:

and here’s the 3rd tut

The Happy Cookie