3/14: FT/FS:1st Run 28s Peak, 28s Marmot, Eetsit, Lio, etc.!

From now on, I’ve decided to just post up everything I currently own into my B/S/T thread so that I can see what kind of offers that I can get for them. Hopefully, this will allow others a chance to get a hold of something they really want to try, and at the same time allow me to open myself up to yoyos that I’ve never even though of before.

That being said, offer really whatever you want for these, but keep the offers reasonable. Keep in mind that this IS my whole collection, so I’m most definitely not intent on trading most of these. Rather, I am throwing them out there, and if you REALLY want it, then you can make me an offer that can pry it from my hands! Trade offers are a plus, but I’ll entertain cash offers as well. No NYYR stuff, please.

I’ll try my best to respond to all offers, but if I don’t, you’re probably too low.

Also, I DO have CASH for things on my wants list!

Current Wants!!!
-PrePro Red/Silver Punchline(!!!)
-Split Decision (!!)
-Clear Dual-Sili FHZ
-Clear Dice
-Oxy 4
-Oxy 3vo

Again, this is just a suggestions list for things you can trade me! Feel free to make whatever offers you want!

CLYW 1st Run 28 Stories Peak

-Near Mint
-Floaty and smooth

CLYW 28 Stories Wooly Marmot
-1 of 19(?)

Anti-Yo Eetsit
-Excellently tuned

ILYY Liopleurodon
-Rare colorway
-Candyblasted, masked guts

SPYY Pistolero v2

Auldey L3
-Rare LE colorway
-Comes KKed with stacks
-Hella smooth

YYF Yoga Flame Genesis PENDING
-Great for 1A and 5A

-One of the first mods Luke did
-White with Glow 75th Anniversary caps

TheModSquad Butterfly
-Bearingized (small bearing) and siliconed by TheModSquad

Modfather Modded FHZs (2)
-Translucent Blue
-Logo-polished caps, with Duncan logo left on one cap (One cap is polished blank, the other half only has the Duncan logo)

Duncan FHZ
-Glitter Translucent Orange

How much for xcon and ben?

well, to make a completely random offer, how about 150 for the marmot?

actually the red/silver one looks nice, unless you think otherwise I’d prefer that one

I’d only sell the Red one for that much.

60 for the cream?

Ok, well I’ll think about it, but how much do you think would be good for the red/silver? I reaally like it

Make me an offer.

Just sayin’, the 28s Marmot is probably well over 150…

What would you give me for a Polar Berry Maple Drip Wooly Marmot?

Do you have an AIM or MSN, Shisaki?

Mint Jackie Moon or Purple Marble Special Edition P2 for the RvsNM?

Sorry, it’s pending for $250.

Bump! 1 Lio’s gotta go!

You never replied to my pm ???.

How’s a sovereign for the 28S marmot?

Is 150 for the solid red marmot still ok? If so I will buy it

I think I will take the solid red marmot for 150 shipped, is that ok?


nvm, i decided to get something else :slight_smile: gl tho

Bump! Hella updated!