FT ONLY: First run BVM, CLYW Goosebay Edition Campfire

  1. NO MONEY! I am only looking to trade!!
  2. I will trade any one of these for any kind of Peak if you have one, whether its fools gold or A-grade
  3. I will only accept YYF, CLYW, and OD
  4. I will not take offers on here. PM me if you have an offer
    Wants: (I will take any offers but these are my main wants that i will most likely trade immediatly for)
    2.07 888
    3.Wooly Marmot(fools gold or regular)
    5.Canvas (VERY MUCH WANTED!!)
    6.Avalanche(Special colors appreciated)
    7.PEAK!! (very VERY much wanted!!) fools gold or regular

Now to the yoyos (if you need to see the condition i will make a youtube video on it. call me stupid but i dont know how to upload pictures to yye forums)

BVM: This is a FIRST run bvm. no vibe. near mint. it has a couple ano scuffs that are there and one extremely tiny scratch that looks like it should be there

Campfire: RARE color from what ive heard. looks amazing when spins ;D couple ano scuffs (DARN YOU CLYW haha jk) super smooth really good.

haha thats about it! pm me if you got any good offers!



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