2YO SF this Saturday the 25th!

Hey all, its been a while, but 2yo is back to meetings with a meeting this Saturday in SF combining with a special event!

This Saturday the 25th, 2yo will be meeting at our usual location in Japantown of SF around the peace plaza area (near the pagoda), and this time, we will be meeting during the 2012 J-pop summit festival! This is a fun festival for lovers of J pop and the culture, and for sure it will be something to check out!


When: This Saturday the 25th. 12:30 (meetings usually end around 4:30 ish)
Where: Japan Center of San Francisco. Peace Plaza. (Due to the event, our usual spot under the pagoda will be taken, so we will be around another section of the peace plaza, should be still very easy to find us but if you cannot, call me at: 415 948 6490.)
What: Video from our last meeting: (It has been a while!) http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VsqLiRhhLjI

Info on the festival here:

Hope to see you all there!



How did it go? I was working an event in Sacramento doing sound and lighting.

If I hadn’t gone to the Academy of Sciences last weekend, I’d probably have tried to make it out.

Is it every Saturday?