2YO Saturday!!! (today)

There will be a 2YO club meeting today. Anyone can come, just hanging out. Everyone is welcome!! It will be from 12:00 until about 5:30. It is located in SF Japantown, in front of the building. If it’s still raining like it is right now, we will meet inside of the Daiso building right next to it. I hope to see all of you guys there! Here is a video from the last club meeting: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RJGAc1SRCyc&list=UUCY3BvR6rpMFOzk-EiS4VrQ&index=10&feature=plcp

Please make it if you can!

I couldn’t make it. I was busy and I can’t do “same day notice” kind of stuff. I hate posting my schedule changes like that though.

Gimme 2 weeks advance notice and I’ll see if I can make one some day.