2018 National Yoyo Contest

Did a ⌘-F search and found nothing on Nationals 2018, surprisingly. I literally just found out about the contest and I want to enter if possible. Is there a way to sign up before entering the contest and paying the walk-in fee? I can’t seem to find out how much it is. I heard $22 from a friend, but I’m not sure if that’s the walk-in fee or the pre sign-up. Thank you.

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I’d check yoyo news to find out… maybe?

You could contact them and ask.

Cool, thanks guys, bought my tickets. I’ll see you all on Saturday!

Awesome! DEFINITELY Please come and say hello! :blush:

Do my guests have to purchase spectator tickets? They will spend the day in China Town, then meet later for the After Party. My friend and I bought 2 tickets and my wife and her brother will be joining me later for the afterparty. Will there be any problems, or is +1 okay? Thank you.