2018 National Yoyo Contest


Did a ⌘-F search and found nothing on Nationals 2018, surprisingly. I literally just found out about the contest and I want to enter if possible. Is there a way to sign up before entering the contest and paying the walk-in fee? I can’t seem to find out how much it is. I heard $22 from a friend, but I’m not sure if that’s the walk-in fee or the pre sign-up. Thank you.

(Rock Shouse) #2

I’d check yoyo news to find out… maybe?


You could contact them and ask.


Cool, thanks guys, bought my tickets. I’ll see you all on Saturday!

(André Boulay) #5

Awesome! DEFINITELY Please come and say hello! :blush:


Do my guests have to purchase spectator tickets? They will spend the day in China Town, then meet later for the After Party. My friend and I bought 2 tickets and my wife and her brother will be joining me later for the afterparty. Will there be any problems, or is +1 okay? Thank you.