2012 World YoYo Contest Video

Alright you guys so it looks like i’m going to put together around 3 or 4 maybe 5 clip videos of the World YoYo Contest all around 4-5mins long. And i’m trying to do something a little different for these videos I want the yoyo community to pick which songs they would like to here being played while they watch there favorite yo-yoers do what they do best. So with that said if you guys have any good songs in mind post them in the comments section below and once I have view all the songs I will put up a pole of the top 10 songs that I fell made the cut and guys get to choice the 5 songs that you liked the most to be featured in the videos. Who knows your favorite song could be in the next worlds clip video. So have at it… .

No can do-Tech N9ne