2011 888?

So i was just wondering if anybody has heard anything about the 20111 888. I know they normally come out around like february march or april but it seems like yoyofactory would have mentioned something . Because i am always so excited to buy it like the first day it comes out i even have the credit card ready sitting on the desk in front of the table the day before i know the new 888 is going to come out. But ya so i jut wondered if you guys have even heard a little bit about it because i havnt heard anything.

Yyf said they were working on it and that it won’t be released until later in the year

Is it just a new run, or are they making it different for this year, and fixing stuff up on it?

From what I know, the ones at the NY toy fair were just newly packaged. However, a 2011 888 is in the works.