2010 Mint Anniversary Project For Sale!

(Nathan Martsolf) #1

I recently bought an Anniversary Project from One Drop. I have thrown this yo-yo maybe 10 times. It is completely mint, and the response hasn’t even broken in yet. It will come with the box, a one drop sticker, and even the foam cube. For an added bonus, I’ll throw in a few Chaos 422 strings.

I’m asking $100 for this throw. Price includes shipping. I only ship inside the United States and only through PayPal.

If you didn’t get a chance to pick one of these up, now is your chance! Thanks for looking!

Trades I might be interested in:
Mint 28 Stories Battosai
Mint Avalanche
Mint Bassalope
Mint 54
Anything else you think is worth a look.


AFTER CHRISTMAS ILL TRADE YOU PEAK srry for caps i really want a one drop


That wasn’t even on his wants list.


i got a ment big logo 888 if u would like to trade


he said anything else you think is worth a look :wink:

(system) #7