$2,490 Replay Pro??

So I was browsing, and I saw this:

Is this like some sort of super special edition that I didn’t know about, or was it just a mistake?

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Crazy, I see it too. It’s against forum rules to mention competing store names though, if you want to edit that out.

I’m going to have to assume that’s in Yen, which would put it at approximately $20-$25 USD, depending on the current conversion rate.

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Whoops! Forgot about that! Thanks for the reminder.

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I think I’ve seen that on a site before. At first, I thought it was a typographical error. But, after viewing the rest of that site, I believed it was done on purpose, to discourage people from accidentally trying to buy things that are listed as out of stock. I know that the site’s software probably wouldn’t allow the purchase of an out of stock item anyway, but someone might try to click around and realize that at the last second. Or, maybe the software isn’t that good at keeping people from buying out of stock stuff. I forget what else I saw on that site to draw that conclusion, but I was pretty sure it was done on purpose. Either way, they weren’t really trying to sell Replay Pro for that price. :smiley:

It happens all the time on that store when they get new stock but can’t release it yet.

Lol! Absolutely. That price makes it a premium collectible. Better get them before they are gone Logi :wink:

It clearly has the $ symbol, which means that it is, in fact, 2,490 USD.

i think its a version called the replay (not replay pro) and it looks like it should come responsive according to a post i saw on YYF’s instagram

That doesn’t justify the price, though. If anything, it should cost less than a Replay Pro.

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lol people ur funynynynyny

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Yup, we have a habit of doing that.

the japanese page says 2490 yen
pretty obvious

This one actually comes with Gentry Stein.


Whoa, no way dude…

Then how are there multiple in stock? Gentry impersonators?

There’s only one lucky winner. The losers get stuck with the impersonators.

Good luck getting gentry to fit in one of those tiny yoyofactory boxes…

Ive seen a shutter for like 200$ as well. Sold out too but it was on USD. Kinda wiers