New Release! YoYoFactory Replay PRO!

[b]The new YoYoFactory Replay PRO is the latest yo-yo in the World Champion Gentry Stein line of signature yo-yos, and it is fantastic![/b]
[i]From Gentry: “It has been a long term goal and dream of mine to have my name behind a low price plastic yoyo. I am happy to say that this has now come true. The thing is, the new YoyoFactory REPLAY PRO doesn’t play like a low price plastic yoyo. It plays levels beyond any yoyo the market has seen at this price level!”[/i]

We couldn’t agree more – This is one of the top performing plastic yo-yos we have played with lately. Gentry has been working with the YoYoFactory design team since December 2014 to perfect his new yo-yo and you can just feel all the time they put into the design when you throw the Replay Pro. Fast, stable, and maneuverable with crazy spin times and a really comfortable feeling in hand – The Replay Pro has everything you’re looking for in your next throw!
The Replay Pro outplays just about any yo-yo in it’s price range and once you start throwing it you’ll completely forget that you’re shredding through your hardest combos with a $15 plastic yo-yo!

Play for Fun.
Play to Win.
Play for Keeps.
Play Again.

So will this replace the OneStar then?

play for keeps (keeps)

I’m in on this. It looks like it will be a lot of fun for a low price.