(2/25/2011) Spindox Yo-Yo Club in Alameda, CA this Saturday at 12pm!

Note the time has changed! We will be meeting at 12pm instead of 2pm.

(2/25/2011)  Here’s the latest info for the upcoming Spin Doctors Yo-Yo Club. The Spindox meets once a month – typically the 4th Saturday of each month – at various locations in either Alameda or Berkeley, CA. The Spin Doctors have given rise to many great yoyoers, including several National and World champions. The current information can be found below. If you wish to be added to the mailing list, please email yoyopro AT rawbw DOT com

9/24/2011 info added!

11/26/11 Info added.

Hey David,
I e-mailed you earlier. I’ll be there! Hope to see you!

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