Does anyone know of any good tut’s for any good 1A tricks? I’m tired of doing the same stuff and I’m too lazy to invent my own so Ive been trying to find a good 1A trick online but I kinda can’t haha. Any help is appreciated

edit: Not yoyoexpert tricks, I already know literally all of them. I mean advanced, complicated, or awesome advanced player tricks. Don’t recomend me matrix tutorials or ladder escape, I’m past that.

GrawrD- http://www.grawrd.com/tricks.html

Rethinkyoyo- http://www.rethinkyoyo.com/tricks.html


Also there are YoYoSkills Tutorials scattered around on youtube.

Hope this helps. :slight_smile:


nanda kanda funny

Iwasawa tower? :smiley:
Or Yellow Aeroplanes?