[13A + 1a+5a]Crazy-D Movie ft. Wayne

Hope you guys like it :smiley:
What’s more, I have to say that this yoyo really suits my 5a style, stable yet able to reach a high speed, will be more than happy to use it in contests. :smiley:


Nice Double Freehand. Or 13A. Whatever you want to call it.

So impressive…
After your anglam video, I was craving more.
This delivers. HARD

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Nice stuff! And Ive never seen 13a on video before, pretty cool stuff

Glad you like it :slight_smile:
The style was created and named by Rafael Matsunaga (taking 5a+5a+3a, and yeah, double freehand is a lot easier to understand). Check his 2005 worlds 5a video, it’s sick!

Thank you for letting me know my old video is remembered by someone!
Glad you enjoy it, I’ll see if I can come up with more!
(actually there’s like a ‘patch’ video I’m going to release within days, although it’s small and doesn’t have enough editing with it, hope you still enjoy :D)

I’m happy that you like it :smiley:

awsome stuff! your really good :slight_smile: how do you like the crazy-D?

I really like the trick at 0:16. Instead of ending in a bind, you should make it longer.

Yeah, I’m trying to figure out a combo from it :smiley:
Need to be able to control it in order not to let it bind itself I suppose :stuck_out_tongue:

It feels ‘enlightening’ :stuck_out_tongue:
But in all seriousness, that throw can handle all my 1a tricks, the spinning is not as strong as a sleep-contest-entry yoyo, but enough for almost all tricks (unless you plan to do a 2min 1 throw). And I can’t find a yoyo that suits my 5a better, although I’ve tried almost all major 5a throws.
I was using Quest before Crazy-D was released. Comparing to Quest, the crazy-D is on the heavier side, doesn’t move as fast or spin as long, but it gives a really stable feel and is much easier to control. If you don’t mind playing with plastic, or if you do 5a, it definitely worths a try!

http://yoyoexpert.com/forums/index.php/topic,68473.msg752353.html#msg752353 here’s some more about the clip :wink: