1.5 mount to gt whip

I dont know if anyone has done this before (I assume someone has) but I think it looks cool

And the answer to your sig is pi. lol

Tut? Please?

tut,tut,tut, i know whip2GT but this one makes it look like a joke. lmao

Both pi and the opposite of pi.

Very nice. A tut would be lovely :stuck_out_tongue: Or I could just go slow it down…perhaps I will do just that.

The trick is pretty much impossible to explain, just watch the video and slow it down if you can

Good catch. Good catch.
And we shall rule this forum with an abundance of math knowledge.
Evil LAugh

i knew the answer…partially lol
(actally i did know the answer

Actually it is pi and negative pi, the opposite of pi is one over pi

Incorrect. That would be the reciprocal (aka the multiplicative inverse). Opposite is the same as negative. You can ask a math teacher if you wish. The opposite of a number is the ADDITIVE INVERSE (not the multiplicative inverse). This is obtained by multiplying the number by -1.

On an on-topic note, I’ve gotten one step into it…I’ve downloaded it. Now to actually work on it…this will take awhile.