YYJ DM Response Help

(Johnny T) #1

Ok…when I got my darkmagic from Samad. I first loosen the gap and checked the bearing. I attempt to do a thumb grind but then it responds back and it my fingers (it started to bleed alot). I didn’t know what was the problem even though i loosen the gap. My opinion is the rubber o-ring but i’m not sure or is that I whipped it to a trapeze and it binded back.

(J. Lev) #2

It could be a number of things: If the O-Ring is sticking out a bit, then press it down so that it is even. If that’s not it, there’s still other solutions. It depends upon how much Samad used it. If it was still not well broken in, then you just need to play it a bit for it to wear in well. You can also clean the bearing, which you can learn to do with this video:

That should do the trick! If not, lemme know!


alright, there are a number of things to do. Numero Uno. Clean the bearing and thin lube it (yoyojam or silicone spray.) 2. Shave down the O-rings a bit or u could buy silicone on rings (available hear i think.) BTW the DM is responsive, is it modded or something because otherwise your problem could be accustom to every DM.


you can try sanding the oring down a bit. if that dont work its probably the bearing.

keep it spinning


Yeah, most likely the Bearing. Is it the blue one Samad had? If it is then you should ask him.

(Johnny T) #6

yes it is his i bought it off him, he said that lubing my SPEC bearing could cause it harder to break in. Is that true?


It wont make it harder to break in, but you’ll probably need to break it in some.

(Johnny T) #8

Alright, so I need to break it in more?


Thats what I’m thinking. If it is still responsive after a day or two, you’re gonna have to clean it in Mineral Spirits again, and let it sit for about an hour to make sure its REALLY dry.


Bearings tend to get a little rough and scratchy and need some thin lube every once in a while. This would be my best guess; one or two drops should do it.
Then just play with it for a bit and you should notice the difference.

(JonasK) #11

This might happen because some slack catch up in the gap while you are thumb grinding. But as a lot of people have said above, it’s probably the bearing.