YYF x Hiroyuki Suzuki - Equilateral and YYF MVP2

Has anyone have tried any of the yoyos during Worlds or something? I would like to know :]
I’ve heard a lot of good things about the MVP2, but I’m also curious on how the Equilateral plays. Both are in the same price point [at least, the Equilateral in Mickey’s store and the MVP2 at the other Japanese store] and I need answers quick. Thanks!

I played the equilateral and for me personally it felt like a full sized yyj eneme.
The MVP2 is also a really great player

Thanks for responding. I’ve never played a YYJ Eneme before, sooo what are the characteristics? How does it feel in your POV?
I ended up choosing the MVP2 since I loved how the original MVP plays but I’m still curious.

Chico Recurve. Lol jk but it has a lot of momemtum and plays a bit faster and hurts less because of the undercut and rounder edges.