yyf superstar review

this is my first full review so be nice ;D
First off, id like to point out that I got the blue wavelength edition wich is freakin beutiful but srry if i snaged it from u because it was the last one left. And while were talking about looks id just like to say it looks amazing with jade scarab ricestacks.
Ok, enough about the looks and onto the playability. This yoyo is kinda big. Not like offstring big, but compared to an 888 or any of the other yyf undersized yos, its going to be a little big and heavy feeling not to mention the shape can take a bit of time to get used to. once you get past that though, it truly is an amazing experience. the extra size and the shape makes for amazing slacks and suicides and the width and shape (this has preatty much the biggest gap ive ever seen) alow for easy landings as well as many strings in the gap at the same time. a minor flaw wich I believe comes in all regular size yoyos is are whips. They arent impossible to land but compared to an undersized yyf (Im using that as an example Bcause all my previous metal throws have been undersized yyf metals, 888, dv888, california ect.) it might take a little extra practice.
Like i said B4, i have some chris rice dice stacks that look amazing, but a surprizing feature is that even with the stacks, thumb grinds are totally possible (and I have spatula thumbs, seriously, theyre giant) plus, scince the originall versions they changed the finish so now grinds are preatty smooth, not like pgm smooth, but dv888 smooth. (so i hear the originall finish sucked)
One thing you should know if youre planning to buy is that, for unexplained reasons, a C size kk bearing might not fit. The first night I got it ( my boutght it 4 me but kept it untill my B-day) I tried putting on my old kk and it started out fine but then i unscrewed it, tried to screw it back and it started to make the axle screech. once i got it put back on, it started vibrating like crazy and so I tried to take it off. but it was stuck so hard on there that even with pliers the raceway protector flew off and i started to bend the bearing but the inside just wouldnt budge. I finally yanked it off but destroyed the bearing, scratched up the inside edge :’( bruised my finger, and sliced open my finger so I couldnt throw for the next 2 days (I got three yoyos and couldnt use any of them :’()
So my finall word is, yes buy it its worth 130 bucks, also buy a set of jade scarab dice stacks but watever u do dont get a kk.

Oddly, on the note of the bearing not fitting, my friend bought my white atmosphere from me, and I supplied him w/ my stock bearing from my black one, because I just got it and bought a KK. He told me the stock bearing wouldn’t fit.

I think it was just a default.

Nice review.

good review and kk’s take forevor to break in.