YYF Superstar or other yyf for other styles?

My friend is asking if the Superstar would be good for 3A and 5A too… if not, how about a different high end yoyo? that is what he asked

EDIT: forgot the price range, yoyos should be $80 or less each

superstars are great for 3a http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=15WMIVg39aQ
protons are also excellent for 3a

new superstars might be to wide they are really wide easily the widest throw in my collection. wider than a bvm2

The old Superstars are great for 3A thats what Patrick used before the proton came out.

Kentaro used Superstars to win Worlds in '09, I might add.

Having a price range would be nice

Most of the turning point lineup works for 3A nicely but it’s a lot more spendy unless you buy used

Pertyo tends to have nice 3A pairs on the BST as well for a good price