YYF,SPYY,YYJ,Werrd,Duncan (almost) all @ 25% cost!


Getting rid of most of my throws looking only for a few trades everything else is cash only…
Add 8$ for shipping (non-negotiable) paypal only

Looking for:
C3 capless,
C3 sceptre,
ILYY 2wei,
ILYY Lynx,
ILYY Truth

Ok so things in the big pile are just priced to move:
they aren’t mint, but hey are you gonna find it cheaper?
Throws are not vibe ridden wobble fests, they’re smooth enough for me, just not dead smooth
BBYY wedgie: $15
YYF Severe 09 (capless): $30 (This throw is superb, and a sleeper in terms of performance, I’ve decided it’ll take a little more to get it from me.)
YYJ Speedmaker: $5
YYF Loop 900: $7
Duncan Hayabusa: $5
YYJ Sidekick: $5
YYF Skyline: $30
YYF Primo: $25
YYF 2010 California: $15
YYF Jensen Kimmet Superstar (axle issues but playable): $25
Werrd Pacquiao: $20
SPYY Addiction: $25

The three on the left I don’t plan on getting rid of unless I can set up a good trade
YYF Superstar Team Edition
Cyclon FHZ
ILYY Lio Teflon

I’m already getting harassed for pics. I don’t see how $20 for a $100 throw needs to be mint, but whatever… I’ll add more as necessary
Pac… It’s pretty much mint, should be charging more
The addiction got these weird scuffs when I moved, but they are smooth to the touch.
Skyline damage
Severe damage

Truly a fantastic BST. FREE BUMP

hey i just pm’ed you but i dont think it actually sent for some reason. im interested in the spy and the werrd