YYF Ricochet for Sale FS/FT


So, I’m gonna sell my ricochet for $175 $165. It’s MIB.
Also comes with the translucent blue tool and a yellow string :slight_smile:

Thanks for looking! (btw its #234) NOW PENDING


you need a picture of the item


It’s a bird! It’s a plane! No!
It’s a BUMP!


So i heard you like bumps?


Heyheyheyhey. I got something to tell you…

BUMP. Now go tell your fwiends.


Hello, this is the Bump residence. My name is bumpington.


Take your bumps everyday, and you’ll grow up to be just like me.


There once was a man, and his name was bump.


You might wanna post what # it is, especially if it’s low! Just a tip.


Mr. Bumperson. Welcome back. We missed you. 8)

(system) #16