YYF response in a yyj

Can a yyf silicone sticker fit in an xconvict and a hitman, if so, which one?

I think they both have the same response but iā€™m not sure, but I used YYF 888 sized stickers in my atmosphere and it fit. you have to kinda squeeze it in but it works really well. so if the Atmosphere has the same size response as the hitman or xconvict it should work

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X-ConVict and Hitman both take pressed in o-rings, so putting a Slim K-Pad in there will be a tight fit.

But it will fit, none the less.

Same goes for a Mini-Motu, right? I really want to get some K-Pads for my Mini-Motu.

Yep. Tight fit, and the pad may sit below flush, but it will fit.