YYF good price, quitting

Almost all have slight to some even having major dings, I haven’t been a part of the yo-yo scene for years and don’t know fair prices so feel free to give me your own offers if mine do not seem right
YYF boss - $15
2 loop 360s (blue and black)-$5 each
SOLD Grind machine 1/2 translucent green 1/2 black -$12
Black and red splash horizon - $45
DNA -$60
Aviator - 45
Mighty flea -$25
B grade stainless steel too hot-$15
SOLD Offstring (I think it’s YYR)-$10
CZM8 blue and pink splash-$20
Horizon Blue-$35
Shutter Jason Lee Edition-$50
Half black half purple pop star-$15
2 glow in the dark protostar-$10 each

Accepted payment:PayPal, Apple Pay cash, Venmo, bitcoin, litecoin, ethereum

If your payment is less than $40 please expect to help pay for shipping.